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Espinosa Construction Services, Inc
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Flat Work

Espinosa Construction Services, Inc. offers a wide variety of concrete flat work. From a simple broom finish driveway, sidewalk or patio to a huge commercial parking lot our knowledge and experience that we put on every job can insure a job well done. Other types of flatwork that we offer include decorative concrete, which can be designed to resemble different types of stone in many colors.


A more increasingly popular product that we offer is stained concrete. Stained concrete is mostly used on commercial interior floors but has become popular on basement floors replacing the use of tile. Stained concrete can be achieved in different concrete shapes and colors.


 View some of our recent flat work below:

flatwork_pic01.jpg flatwork_pic02.jpg 
flatwork_pic03.jpg flatwork_pic04.jpg 
flatwork_pic05.jpg flatwork_pic06.jpg 
 flatwork_pic07.jpg  flatwork_pic08.jpg
 flatwork_pic09.jpg  flatwork_pic10.jpg
 flatwork_pic11.jpg  flatwork_pic12.jpg
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